Optimize preparation, maximize readiness and prevent injuries with
the essential athlete management system


Collect, centralize and analyze wellness, feedback, training, health, testing
and performance data from anywhere, anytime


Our clients are winning trophies, medals and championships everywhere.
Be the next!

Track what matters

Monitor key aspects of athlete preparation and keep them fit, healthy, happy, and ready to perform.

Wellness Monitoring

Track fatigue, sleep, non-sport stress, mood
and more to mitigate injury risk
and maximize readiness.

Create programs that maximize results
while reducing the risk of overtraining and injury.


Workload Management

Plan, monitor and optimize RPE, acute:chronic load,
monotony, enjoyment, GPS and more to reduce risk
and maximize performance.

Identify excessive fatigue and recovery issues and
make better workload adjustments.


Injury Tracking

Track injuries and illnesses; manage
clinical notes & RTP programs.

Track injuries and keep everyone informed when
health issues affect availability.


Testing & Evaluation

Manage all your tests & evaluations measure
individual and group progression and performance.

Streamline testing & evaluation as you monitor progress
and nurture athletic talent.


Unlock athletic potential

Engage Everyone

Get the whole team connected as you increase collaboration, communication and compliance for the greater good.

Gain insight

Enjoy a dashboard view of everything that counts, featuring evidence-based stats, analysis, alerts, graphs, reports, recommendations, and more.

Identify issues

Identify tired and at-risk athletes in real-time and make adequate workload adjustments to minimize the risk of injury and illness.

Get results

Keep everyone healthy, working their hardest, happy and motivated, ready to perform at their best.

You build a player like you build a house. You start with the foundations. The fundamentals.

-Arsene Wenger

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

-Alexander Graham Bell

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.

-Pat Riley

Build winners safely

Make better coaching decisions by using a holistic approach
to workload management and injury prevention.

Gather data

Athletes self-report on their wellness, training and fitness using their smartphones or tablets.

Interpret data

Data is interpreted using evidence-based algorithms and displayed in real-time on individual and group dashboards.

Make decisions

Use built-in alerts and daily reports to track progress, risk, and detect readiness, fitness and workload related issues.

Adapt Programs

Use evidence-based recommendations to adjust programs and coaching strategies to optimize performance and reduce risk.

Enjoy the freedom

Work better with a system that adapts to your sport, brand, methodology, language, culture and structure.

Make it yours

Athlete Monitoring is multi-team, multi-sport, and multi-language enabled and can be personalized to match your team or organization (URL, logo, colors, etc)

Choose your metrics

Pick among the system’s wellness, workload, health and fitness metrics or add your own to record, import, store and monitor data from any sport, performance, strength & conditioning, testing and injury prevention program or protocol.

Customize it all

Customize data collection forms, dashboards, apps, questionnaires, alerts, and analytics – anything! Use your own tests, formulas, standards, terminology, benchmarks and more.

Integrate data from wearable devices

Get the complete picture by integrating external load measures, heart rate and performance data collected with any wearable devices.

Work better. Smarter. Faster.

Save time & money as you keep athletes data organized, accessible, and safe.

Centralize everything

Collect and manage athlete data easily, instantly and remotely. Everyone stores and retrieves their data in the same accessible place.

Stay informed and focused

Take advantage of automated analysis, alerts, recommendations & reports to motivate, inform, prevent issues and promote excellence at all levels.

Streamline record keeping

Say goodbye to notepads & spreadsheets as you manage athlete data & records online in seconds. Store athlete data, docs, videos, medical records, testing results and more.

Save money

Keep athletes fit, injury-free and championship ready with the world-class athlete management system that doesn’t break the bank.

Stay connected

Use the app anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Lightning fast

Real time alerts and reminders
No programming required
Text messaging

"I am very pleased with As a coach it give me unique insight into not only players injuries, illness and training and match load but it also give us unique insight into other areas of their psychology that usually we don’t know. It is a wonderful tool for coaches."
Stefani Webb Head Women's Soccer Coach / Assistant AD, University of Texas - Tyler

"I could not be happier with what we have achieved this season with regards to the time efficient collection, automated analysis and storage of data with Our injury stats have been outstanding and I am sure that you have played a part in us achieving that. Thanks."

Andrew Clark Head of Sport Science/Football Conditioning
 Sydney FC - 2017 Hyundai A-League Champions

"This season we only had one soft tissue injury. I’ve been with the Lions for 6 seasons and that is by far our best result. The Mitre 10 competition is brutal with the tight schedule meaning numerous short turnarounds. AthleteMonitoring provided us with a quick centralised system that we used heavily when prescribing training/recovery at both the team and individual level."
Dave Walsh Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Wellington Lions  

" has allowed us to improve our athlete monitoring and is a simple, time efficient method of monitoring a professional sports team."
David Gray Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Wellington Hurricanes
2016 Super Rugby Champions

" has changed the way I communicate with my athletes and adjust their training loads. After years trying other systems and using spreadsheets, now I save hours per week to do more useful things, and at the same time have access to more valuable information. The scientific background, customization possibility, easy use, alerts, quick support and visual interface are features hard to be beaten."
Nelio Moura Track & Field Coach - Winner of 2 Olympic Gold Medals , M&M Atletismo  

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