File and Media Sharing

Maximizing Teamwork has Never Been Easier

Instantly Share Videos, Photos and Files

Maximize Teamwork

With’s media sharing module, video, files, pictures and documents can be shared safely by coaches, managers, administrators, athletes and medical staff across multiple teams.

  • Coaches can share session plans, exercise videos, match reports with other coaches and athletes.
  • Athletes can share tips, and match pictures with teammates
  • Admin and medical staff can safely share information between them to facilitate return to play and data management
  • All files are encrypted for maximal security.

Centralize All Your Files helps you upload and share your own video footage, but also to build your own video library by using links from Youtube, Vimeo, etc. You can also upload excel documents, team sheets, nutritional recommendations, or instructions for the next game in Word, PDF, or any graphical format.’ role-based file sharing system allows you to select with whom each folder and file can be shared with.

Share Knowledge

Organization and team wide media sharing helps
  • Share knowledge and expertise remotely
  • Accelerate athletes’ and coaches’ education
  • Enhance communication and synergy
  • Improve team collaboration at all levels
Did you know?

Information sharing positively predicts team performance

Mesmer-Magnus, JR et al. Journal of Applied Psychology, 2009 in practice

Create folders and upload video, links, files, photos and pictures in seconds.
View and download documents in one click
Securely share files with coaches, managers, athletes and medical staff across multiple teams
Athletes can upload and share files with teammates
Sharing knowledge and enhancing communication has never been easier

Shift your performance program on overdrive!

Download our Guide to Workload Management & Injury Prevention

Poor workload management as a major contributor to injuries and illnesses in sport. In this article, we will present evidence-based workload management guidelines and strategies to reduce the risk of illness and injury in athletes, while also optimizing performance and maximizing results.

Download our practical guide to workload management and injury prevention in elite sports

The cause of over training and injuries is multi factorial, but recent research has identified poor workload management as a major contributor to injuries and illnesses in sport 2,3,4,9.In this document, we will present evidence-based workload management guidelines and strategies to reduce the risk of illness and injury in athletes, while also optimizing performance.

"I am very pleased with As a coach, it gave me unique insight into not only players injuries, illness and training and match load but gave us unique insight into other areas of their psychology that usually we don’t know. It's a wonderful tool for coaches"

Stefani Webb Head Women's Soccer Coach / Assistant AD, University of Texas - Tyler


"I could not be happier with what we have achieved this season with regards to the time efficient collection, automated analysis and storage of data with Our injury stats have been outstanding and I am sure that you have played a part in us achieving that. Thanks."

Andrew Clark Head of Sport Science/Football Conditioning, Sydney FC - 2017 Hyundai A-League Champions
 Sydney FC - 2017 Hyundai A-League Champions


" I have used other apps and Excel versions before but Francois and his team have created a cost efficient user friendly version that is the best I have used to date. They are always on hand to discuss data analysis and are open to change allowing coaches to recommend changes that would benefit their personal requirements & needs. This approach to helping coaches tailor their data collection is a breath of fresh air and has made our decision to use Athlete Monitoring beyond worthwhile "

Ben Williams Head of Strength & Conditioning, LandRover BAR, UK - America's Cup Semi-finalists  

"AthleteMontoring has allowed us to improve our athlete monitoring through the introduction of a daily, online athlete wellness questionnaire. We objectively track day-day performance changes across a range of physical readiness tests and also track training loads at an individual level. Francois and his team are readily available to provide assistance and are extremely proactive in discussing and implementing future additions and adjustments to the monitoring system so it continues to provide a simple, time efficient method of monitoring a professional sports team. "

David Gray Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Hurricanes -
2016 Super Rugby Champions


" has changed the way I communicate with my athletes and adjust their training loads. After years trying other systems and using spreadsheets, now I save hours per week to do more useful things, and at the same time have access to more valuable information. The scientific background, customization possibility, easy use, alerts, quick support and visual interface are hard to beat."

Nelio Moura Olympic Track & Field Coach - Winner of two Olympic Gold Medals, Brazil  


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