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We believe that collaboration is the key to better, more useful tools. That’s why we are open to partnerships. To request more information about our research and education partner programs, or to explore business partnership opportunities, click the Contact us button at the bottom of this page.

This free program provides sport scientists, sport psychologists and researchers affiliated with higher education institutions with a simple, athlete-friendly data collection tool, and full access to raw data exports for further analysis and research purposes.


  • You get full and unlimited access to the platform and apps to collect, centralize and extract your data data for a maximum of 40 athletes. If more athletes are involved in the study, they can be added at reduced rate.
  • You have the ability to customize the platform, questionnaire and data collection fields to fit your research needs
  • You own all the data collected during your project
  • It’s absolutely free

How to Apply

To apply or to request more information about this program, Contact us. When applying, please indicate your affiliation, field of research, and provide us with links to your most recent publications. We reply to all inquiries within two business days. Thank you.

The purpose of the free Education Partner Program is to offer course instructors in the field of sports science, coaching and strength and conditioning, the opportunity to introduce their students to the monitoring tools they’ll need to succeed in the workforce.



  • Students and course instructor  will  be able to use the AthleteMonitoring platform for conducting projects and assignments for an entire academic year
  • We’ll work with course supervisor to ensure that AthleteMonitoring integrates with existing teaching content
  • We’ll  adapt, configure and deploy features based on specific input from students and course supervisor
  • Unlimited support and assistance
  • It’s 100% free

How to Apply

To request more information or to apply, please Contact us. Once we receive your request, we’ll send you a formal application form to get the ball rolling.


We’re always open to partner with innovative companies and individuals to build better products and make them available to the largest number of coaches and athletes. If you’d like to explore a business partnership, contact us today.

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