New availability graphs and reports, customization of the OSTRC Questionnaire, new video tutorials, new weekly data export. Here are the most recent features and enhancements we’ve added to AthleteMonitoring. We hope you’ll like them!

Availability Report

Instantly see who is available to train and compete and who is not due to medical reasons, with this new availability report.

To access this report, select the Team charts menu and open the Health section. The report also shows dates of return to partial and full training, as well as the date of return to competition (expected or actual).

Long-Term Availability Graphs

Monitoring squad availability over time is now a breeze, thanks to the new availability graph.

To display these graphs, select a period, the type of data aggregation (day, week, month), the type of graph (percent or number of athletes), and get the big picture instantly.

Custom OSTRC Questionnaire

The OSTRC Questionnaire on Health Problems is the most accurate approach to detect and monitor injuries and illnesses in elite athletes. AthleteMonitoring allows you to use this new and validated injury surveillance method to monitor your athletes’ health, and even customize it with your own questions.

To customize the OSTRC Questionnaire, open the Team Settings menu and the OSTRC Questionnaire tab. New questions are automatically visible on athlete apps. Collected information can easily be exported using the OSTRC Log from the Logs & Stats menu.

Weekly Raw Stats Export

You can now export all your raw training and performance data aggregated week by week in less than 10 seconds!

Open the Logs & Stats menu, select Training Logs, Export, and open the Weekly Totals of the exported file.

New Video Tutorials

Creating, delivering and monitoring S&C Program with the Workout Builder

Watch Tutorial

Configuring the Workout Builder (setting up search tags, exercises, loading schemes and workout templates)

Watch Tutorial

And Much More

  • Chronic wellness score (Prev 28d) is now displayed on the Team Dashboard for better analyses of individual daily changes
  • Medical notes can now be easily exported as a tab of the Injury Log export.
  • Dates of Return to partial training, Return to full training and Return to competition can be now set and monitored in the medical section and availability reports

Coming Soon

  • 2 factor authentication login for maximal data security
  • Automated data transfer from wearable devices used in endurance sports (Polar, Garmin & Suunto) and from player trackers used in team sports (STATSPORT, Fieldwiz, SPT, GPEXE, Kinexon, etc)
  • Tactical periodization analytics, tools and dashboards to simplify external load analyses and prescription based on competitive task demand and GPS metrics

To schedule an online demo of these new features, or if you have any question, please contact us anytime. We’re always happy to help!