Evidence-based Injury and Illness Surveillance

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Many health problems are undetected

Inadequate injury surveillance is a major issue

Numbers are alarming

Every year, preventable sports injuries and sport related illnesses affect millions of athletes, of all ages and levels. Previous injuries are the #1 risk factor of new injuries. Prevention and early detection of health problems is essential, and it relies on accurate injury surveillance

Impacts are huge

Health problems have a direct impact on athlete performance, short and long term participation, team performance and individual well-being. These also often lead to chronic health problems, increased health spending and costly lawsuits

Current systems are inadequate

Most injury surveillance systems only track health problems that result in time-loss or medical attention. As many health problems don’t result in time loss, and many athletes don’t report health problems to medical practitioners, many illnesses and injuries remain undetected. This results in flawed injury data and sub-optimal prevention strategies

We can help!

AthleteMonitoring offers a better injury surveillance solution. Built upon the OSTRC Questionnaire on Health Problems, the most accurate injury surveillance methodology available today, it is athlete-centered, health practitioner-friendly and can detect x10 more health problems than conventional injury surveillance systems

An injury is any physical complaint sustained by a player that results from a match or training session, irrespective of the need for medical attention or time loss from football activities

-Football Association Medical Assessment
and Research Centre (F-MARC)

An innovative approach to injury surveillance and health monitoring

Evidence-based approach, scientifically validated for use in youth, amateur, Olympic and professional athletes

Created in partnership with the Oslo Sport Trauma Research Center, an IOC Research Centre for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health, and FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence.

Simplifies the administration of the OSTRC Questionnaire on Health Problems and related tools and statistics

Identifies 10x more health problems than conventional injury surveillance systems

Compatible with FIFA injury definition, the Sport Medicine Diagnostic Coding System (SMDCS) and the Orchard Sports Injury Classification System (OSICS-10)

Injury surveillance approach recommended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

App-based, athlete-centered


Athletes use the app to complete a short weekly health survey on their smartphone. They report injuries, illnesses, symptoms, time-loss, etc.

Athletes’ answers are automatically encrypted and stored into a secure database.

When health problems are detected, health practitioners are immediately notified.

Reminders are automatically sent to athletes to maximize compliance

Instant data collection, analytics and reporting


Real-time graphs, dashboards, availability tables and complete epidemiological statistics can be generated in one click

Raw anonymized data can be exported anytime

It’s an essential tool for researchers and sport organizations or all sizes

Automated alerts, EMR, complete  diagnosis system


When a health problem is reported by an athlete, an alert is automatically sent to the medical staff

Health practitioners can use the built-in EMR system to immediately start the clinical follow-up, record diagnoses, clinical / SOAP notes staff, medications, and create RTS, RTP programs

Optimizing athlete care and enhancing collaboration between medical and performance teams has never been easier!

Simple, Validated, Accurate

Simple Input

Weekly health survey
Overuse injuries
Acute injuries
Personal comments

Medical staff
Participation status
Clinical & SOAP notes
Files, documents
RTS/RTP programs

Streamlined Monitoring

Detect Every Health Problem, Not Just Time-Loss or Medical Attention injuries

Real-Time Data

Track key injury surveillance metrics in real-time, including:
Incidence, Prevalence
Severity, Health burden
Injury causes, locations and types
Illness types
Time loss, Injury rates
Athlete availability
Changes in athlete’s injury/illness status

Predictable outcomes

A more accurate picture of your athletes’ health
Better injury prevention
Better collaboration between health professionals
Healthier athletes
Time and money savings

See How it Works!

A World-Class Athlete Health Monitoring System for Every Organization

Built-upon the weekly OSTRC questionnaire on health problems
Detects all injuries and health problems
Tracks the impact and severity of health problems over time
Provides a truly accurate picture of your athletes’ health and availability
Collects data from athletes via smartphone
Standardizes diagnoses with internationally accepted coding systems
Streamlines electronic medical record (EMR) management
Produces epidemiological statistics, reports, data tables and graphs

"As a coach, AthleteMonitoring give me unique insight into not only players injuries, illness and training and match load but gave us unique insight into other areas of their psychology that usually we don’t know. It is a wonderful tool."

Stefani Webb Head Women's Soccer Coach / Assistant AD, University of Texas - Tyler


"I could not be happier with what we have achieved this season with regards to the time efficient collection, automated analysis and storage of data with AthleteMonitoring.com. Our injury stats have been outstanding and I am sure that you have played a part in us achieving that. Thanks."

Andrew Clark Head of Sport Science/Football Conditioning
 Sydney FC - 2017 Hyundai A-League Champions


"Having available athletes is a key focus in our mission statement for the 35th Americas Cup. The AthleteMonitoring app has enabled us to efficiently record and analyse how our athletes feel on a day to day basis and how they react to training load. Our athletes find it easy to use and we find it easy to access athlete readiness. I have used other apps and Excel versions before but Francois and his team have created a cost efficient user friendly version that is the best I have used to date. They are always on hand to discuss data analysis and are open to change allowing coaches to recommend changes that would benefit their personal requirements & needs. This approach to helping coaches tailor their data collection is a breath of fresh air and has made our decision to use Athlete Monitoring beyond worthwhile."

Ben Williams Head of Human Performance, INEOS TEAM UK


"We objectively track day-day performance changes across a range of physical readiness tests and also track training loads at an individual level. Francois and his team are readily available to provide assistance and are extremely proactive in discussing and implementing future additions and adjustments to the monitoring system so it continues to provide a simple, time efficient method of monitoring a professional sports team. "

David Gray Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
NZ Hurricanes - 2016 Super Rugby Champions


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