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Athlete Management Made Easy

AthleteMonitoring is the world’s most versatile, flexible and budget-friendly Athlete Health and Performnce Management System. Currently used by elite sport organizations, Olympic committees and injury research teams in 85 countries, AthleteMonitoring simplifies data collection, analysis and management. It helps optimize performance, reduce injury risk and improve collaboration at all levels, with best practice tools, IOC-aligned approaches and evidence-based methods.


Monitor fatigue, sleep, non-sport stressors, mood, menstrual cycle and more to mitigate injury risk and maximize performance readiness.


Plan, monitor and optimize internal and external loads. Integrate data from athlete trackers, monitor acute:chronic load ratio, monotony, enjoyment, RPE, GPS and more to reduce risk and maximize performance.


Track injuries, illnesses; manage medical records, SOAP notes & RTP programs securely on a HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR compliant platform.


Manage all your tests & evaluations, Measure individual and group progress and performance.

When it comes to monitoring your athletes’ workload, AthleteMonitoring is the gold standard.

-Jason Loukides, Head Wrestling Coach, All-Marine Wrestling Team

AthleteMonitoring.com made it easy for our multi-disciplinary team to manage all our assessments and evaluations.

-Kyra Duvenage, Senior Sport Scientist, North-West University

The success of our national health screening and monitoring program is dependent on a secure, adaptive and innovative system which AthleteMonitoring continuously provides us

-Lars Haugvad, Physiotherapist, Norwegian Olympic / Paralympic Program | Olympiatoppen

Build Winners Safely

Improve performance and reduce injury risk by using a holistic approach
to workload management and injury prevention.

Gather data

Athletes self-report on their wellness, training, injuries and fitness using their smartphones or tablets. Staff import data from wearable devices.

Interpret data

Choose evidence-based methods to interpret data and then display it in real-time on individual and team dashboards.

Make decisions

Use built-in alerts and daily reports to track progress, identify potential risks and quantify the readiness of athletes and teams.

Adapt Programs

Instantly adjust programs, workloads and coaching strategies in accordance with evidence-based recommendations or your methodology of choice.

Shape the System to Fit your Needs

Make it yours

AthleteMonitoring is multi-team, multi-sport, supports 12 languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese, Norwegian and Finnish) and can be branded to your team or organization (URL, logo, colors, etc)

Choose your metrics

Pick among the system’s wellness, workload, health and fitness metrics or add your own to record, import, store and monitor data from any sport, performance, strength & conditioning, testing and injury prevention program or protocol.

Customize it all

Customize data collection forms, dashboards, apps, questionnaires, alerts, and analytics – anything! Use your own tests, formulas, standards, terminology, benchmarks and more.

Integrate data from any device

Integrate data from your preferred athlete trackers and get the complete picture by integrating external load measures, GPS data, heart rate, performance results, computerized concussion tests, and health data from any wearable device or external application.
AthleteMonitoring Integrations

Maximize Organizational Efficiency

All your data in one place

Centralize all wellness, performance, health, testing and training data. Manage schedules and administrative information on a secure, HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform .

Improve Communication

Seamless file sharing, SMS messaging, secure data and information exchange brings administrators, medical practitioners, coaches, S&C specialists and athletes together to create excellence.

Stay informed and focused

Take advantage of automated risk analyses, intelligent alerts, educational messages & customizable reports to quickly make sense of complex data and motivate, inform, and promote excellence at all levels.

Streamline record keeping

Say goodbye to notepads & spreadsheets as you manage athlete data & records online in seconds. Store athlete data, docs, videos, medical records, testing results and more.

Save time & money

AthleteMonitoring is so simple to customize that you don’t need to hire extra staff to customize or progranm the system, a data scientist to understand monitoring data or a biostatistician to create advanced injury statistics. Only pay for the features you need, and start building podium-ready athletes without breaking the bank.

We’re here to help!

Our friendly support team is always here for you. Product training and sport science support are free and unlimited. The platform is constantly enhanced and all updates are included with each subscription.

Stay connected

Use the app anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Lightning fast
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Real time alerts and reminders
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Text messaging
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