Injury & Illness Research

Simple, Secure, Customizable Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Solution for Athlete Health Monitoring & Injury and Illness Research Projects

A Turnkey Solution for Injury Research Teams

Developed in collaboration with leading injury epidemiologists and IOC research centers, AthleteMonitoring helps injury researchers worldwide conduct injury and illness research, develop and evaluate preventive strategies with consensus-based methods and tools.

Entirely customizable, and available on 10 languages, AthleteMonitoring streamlines remote data collection, helps researchers to centralize, analyze and export research data, maximize data privacy and security, and facilitates the collaboration between international research teams.

All the Tools You Need. Right There.

Injury surveillance with OSTRC Questionnaire
IOC consensus-statement methods
OSICS and SMDCS injury definitions
Electronic medical records (EMR)
Baseline questionnaires
GDPR / HIPAA compliant
Concussion assessments
Raw data export
Instant statistics, graphs and reports
Optional wellness & load monitoring tools
Secure messaging
Automated reminders
Multisport, fully customizable
Accessible from anywhere 24/7
Quick and Easy to use
File/video sharing and storage

Better Injury and Illness Research Starts Here

  • Manage large scale injury surveillance studies with the OSTRC Questionnaire
  • Identify acute injuries, overuse injuries, illnesses, and quantify load, exposure, medication and more
  • Export raw data for further analyzes or access real-time epidemiological statistics
  • Develop and evaluate the effectiveness or preventive strategies
  • Maximize data collection compliance
  • Facilitate collaboration between international research teams

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