Track injuries, manage medical records, schedule appointments and more with the world’s most flexible athlete health management system

Injury Tracking

Effortlessly record and document every acute or overuse injury, illness, and other health problems on an easy-to-use, secure, and highly adaptable platform

Swiftly identify ill or injured athletes with instant notifications, actionable alerts, and a comprehensive dashboard. Make informed decisions, enhance collaboration, and enable practitioners to manage everything that matters on a single, user-friendly, centralized system.

Electronic Medical Records

Securely document health issues, record treatments, track SOAP notes, time, medications, training restrictions, and more. Generate health reports and statistics in seconds and improve collaboration while maximizing data protection and security.

electronic medical records

Easily encrypt, store, and retrieve MRI or X-Ray results within seconds, and utilize the in-app messaging tool to enhance communication between athletes, the performance team, and healthcare providers.

Injury & Illness Surveillance

Implement sport-specific illness and injury surveillance programs effortlessly with the OSTRC Questionnaire and IOC-recommended methods and tools. Collect quality data, produce real-time reports, save time, and make sense of complex data with instant epidemiological reports, statistics, and raw data exports.

Reduce data analysis time with built-in epidemiological reports and customizable analytic tools. Calculate sport-specific injury prevalence, incidence, burden, and severity. Generate complex graphs, data tables, risk matrix, and easy-to-interpret injury surveillance reports with just a few clicks or automatically export data to external systems.

Appointment Scheduling

Optimize resource management, attendance, and accommodate complex scheduling needs with flexible scheduling tools.

electronic medical records

Athletes can schedule appointments directly on their smartphone. Providers can define their work hours and availability, consult schedules, or manage appointments from anywhere, 24/7.

Questionnaires & Surveys

Create, send, and collect online surveys and questionnaires in seconds with AthleteMonitoring’s flexible questionnaire tool. Use your own questionnaires or incorporate standardized ones with complex scoring

Athletes and staff can complete custom or standardized questionnaires on their own schedule, on any device, and at their own pace. Email and text messaging notifications remind respondents when to complete the questionnaire. Automated scoring and professional-looking reports provide quick and efficient result interpretation and analysis

Assessments & Reporting

Elevate your medical testing, health screening, growth, and biological maturation program with the world’s most versatile, easy-to-use, customizable assessment system.

User-friendly Android, iPhone and Web apps help you collect data on the field, at the clinic, or in the lab. Generate individual and group reports and statistics in seconds. Use your own tests, formulas, standards, composite scores, custom norms, or grading systems to interpret data, evaluate results, and track progress like never before.

A Platform that Adapts to your Needs

This unique platform adapts to your sport, level, context, methodology, language, culture, and structure.

Make it Yours

AthleteMonitoring can handle thousands of athletes, is multi-group, multi-sport, and supports 15 languages. It can easily be branded to match your organization's corporate image (URL, logo, colors, etc.).

Involve Your Entire Organization

AthleteMonitoring is more than just a powerful sports medicine platform. Simplify the work of your medical team with built-in injury surveillance tools, SOAP note management, and treatment recording. Get your performance, sports science, S&C, and administrative staff on board with optional wellness, training monitoring, and workload management modules. Record, import, store, and monitor health, screening, assessment, and performance data for any sport.

Customize It All

Easily tailor the system to your unique needs. Customize data collection forms, questionnaires, activities, injury mechanisms, dashboards – anything! Use your preferred diagnosis system, add new diagnoses when needed, create baseline or periodic health questionnaires, terminology, benchmarks, and more.

A One-Stop Solution to Work Better. Faster.

All Your Data in One Place

Centralize all illness and injury data, diagnoses, SOAP notes, and files with the world's first integrated athlete health monitoring & electronic medical record (EMR) system. Securely share information between research-medical-performance teams, and improve data collection, analysis, and management on a secure, easy-to-use HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security Benefit from encrypted data and file storage, instant messaging, and secure communication. Bring together epidemiologists, medical practitioners, coaches, S&C specialists, and athletes to create excellence.

Stay Informed and Focused

Leverage anonymized data for research or take advantage of real-time epidemiological statistics, dashboards, intelligent alerts, automated reminders, and customizable reports to easily make sense of complex data.

Streamline Record Keeping

Say goodbye to notepads, multiple Google forms, bulky spreadsheets, and unsecure emails as you securely manage data and records online in seconds. Store athlete injury surveillance data, documents, videos, medical records, questionnaire results, and more, while maximizing data protection and privacy.

Save Time and Resources

Minimize data analysis time and the need for hiring expensive data scientists. Calculate prevalence, incidence, burden, severity, etc., and produce complex graphs, data tables, risk matrices, and easy-to-interpret reports with just a few mouse clicks.

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