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AthleteMonitoring is the fastest and most flexible platform to plan, deliver and individually monitor strength and conditioning workouts or technical exercises of all types.

With AthleteMonitoring, you can quickly build entire periodized programs using your own exercises, videos, custom loading schemes and training objectives, deliver programs directly on your athletes’ smartphone, and automatically track all metrics that matter.

No More Paper

Open the planning calendar, drag and drop the exercises or select a preset workout from the library, apply exercise-specific loading schemes and send multi-week programs to your athletes’ smartphone.

All in less than 60 seconds!

Athletes can then use the mobile app to record their reps, weight lifted, distance covered, time elapsed, RPE, etc. on their smartphone.

When you work with athletes directly in the gym, you can print workout cards, or have athletes recording their workout data on tablets during, or after, each session.

Track Everything that Matters. Simply.

With AthleteMonitoring, athletes can see the weight assigned by their coach based on % of 1RM and individual latest predicted 1RM, record the exercise load (kg, lb, cm, sec, etc.) for each rep (ideal for interval training sessions) or group of reps (best for strength sessions) in seconds.

AthleteMonitoring also simplifies performance and progress tracking and calculates 1RMs based on individual training loads, track session volume, intensity, and displays the complete training history of each athlete in real-time.

In practice

Configure the platform with your custom exercises, videos, multi-week loading schemes and preset workouts

Open the planning calendar, and build your program by selecting the sessions’ dates, exercises, workouts and loading schemes
Your athletes automatically receive the program on their smartphone and start recording workouts
You start tracking progress, monitoring the work done, comparing planned vs. reported load, tracking volume, intensity and predicted 1RM for each session and exercise

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Shift your strength and conditioning program on overdrive!

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