Online Survey & Questionnaire Tool

Create, publish and collect online questionnaires in seconds

Ask questions, Collect answers, Get insights

No more paper

Athletes and staff can complete custom or standardized questionnaires on their own schedule, on any device, at their own pace.

The flexible questionnaire design tool helps to create custom questionnaires or incorporate standardized ones with complex scoring.

Email and text messaging notifications remind respondents when to complete the questionnaire.

Automated scoring and professional-looking reports provides quick and efficient result interpretation and analysis.

Real-time answers

Use AthleteMonitoring’s online questionnaires to:

  • Streamline health screening
  • Administer recovery questionnaires
  • Simplify psychological assessments
  • Collect post-competition feedback
  • Collect pre-participation information
  • Administer sport concussion assessment tools
  • Save time, reduce costs & increase response rates

Track everything that counts

With AthleteMonitoring’s, flexible online questionnaire tool, you can easily administer custom or standardized questionnaires such as:

  • SCAT5
  • POMS
  • Sport psychology questionnaires
  • Recovery Cue Inventory
  • REST-Q
  • Mental health survey
  • Eating disorder screening questionnaire
  • Post-competition feedback
  • Injury Psychological Readiness to Return to Sport (IPRRS)
  • Recovery Cue Inventory
  • Kerlan- Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic (KJOC)
  • And much more…

Did you know?

Psychological factors such as self-confidence, optimism, and self-motivation are predictive of ACL reconstruction outcomes

Everhart JS et al. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 2013 in practice

System administrator adds the questionnaire to the questionnaire library

Admin or staff member shares the questionnaire with athlete(s) or staff

Athletes or staff complete the questionnaire on their preferred device

Answers and scores are automatically stored, interpreted, and reports are made available to staff and administrators

Shift your performance program on overdrive!

Download our practical guide to load management and injury prevention

In this document, you'll learn how to use the latest science and evidence-based workload management strategies to improve performance while preventing injuries.

Téléchargez notre guide d’optimisation de l'entraînement et de prévention des blessures

Blessures, infections et contreperformances sont des problèmes courants en sport de haut niveau. En France, chaque année, environ 792.000 athlètes de 15 à 29 ans sont victimes de blessures sportives. Dans cet article, nous présenterons les concepts fondamentaux de la gestion de charge de travail, les principaux indicateurs scientifiquement validés, ainsi que des stratégies et recommandations pratiques qui, une fois appliquées, permettront de réduire les risques de blessures et d’optimiser la performance.

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