Bring your sport testing, performance tracking and talent identification program to the next level with the world’s most versatile, easy to use and customizable assessment system.

A Complete Solution for All Your Assessment Needs

A Universal Solution

AthleteMonitoring is the world’s most comprehensive and customizable assessment solution for sport organizations. It streamlines data collection, simplify result interpretation, accelerate reporting, tracks athletes’ progress throughout their entire sporting career years and instantly generates individual, team and organization-wide reports and statistics for any assessment protocol, including performance, maturation, biometric, biological, anthropometrical, postural, physiological, fitness, and more.

Flexible & Adaptable

AthleteMonitoring is compatible with all sport-specific performance standards, health norms, and talent identification protocols. Easily customizable and adaptable, it gives you the freedom to use your own tests, formulas, standards, questionnaires, grading systems, and to generate reports, graphs and statistics that aligns with your organization, federation or national standards.

Secure, Easy-to-use & Scalable

AthleteMonitoring helps small and large organizations save time and resources. It can be used with just a few athletes, or several thousands on a single account. It can integrate data from external sources, and allows data recording by multiple simultaneous users.
AthleteMonitoring allows athletes to record and access their data and reports on their preferred device, and keep all your testing and assessment data safely stored on a secure, HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform.

Unlimited Assessments. From Anywhere.

User-friendly apps helps you collect data on the field, in the training room or in the lab, interpret data and track progress like never before

The success of our national health screening and monitoring program is dependent on a secure, adaptive and innovative system which AthleteMonitoring continuously provides us

-Lars Haugvad, physiotherapist

Norwegian Olympic / Paralympic Program | Olympiatoppen

Unmatched Flexibility

Use your own tests, formulas, standards, composite scores, custom norms or grading systems to interpret data, evaluate results and identify sport talent

The AthleteMonitoring Advantage

AthleteMonitoring sport testing and assessment module has been developed in collaboration with school districts, exercise physiology laboratories and large sport organizations. As a result it offers the best of these worlds: it’s fast, easy-to-use, secure, scalable and 100% customizable.

Unlimited Tests & Assessments

Fast Data Collection

Quick Data Import - Export

Easy Customization

Eye-catching Reports

The Highest Data Protection

See What AthleteMonitoring can do for You

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