Complete Health & Performance Management Solutions for Youth Sports, Universities, Professional Teams, Performing Arts, Olympic Programs, National Sport Organizations and Research Institutes

Youth Sports

AthleteMonitoring is the easiest and and cost-effective athlete health management and athletic development solution for youth and school sports.

Combining a vast array of tools to securely manage testing, progress tracking, medical, wellness, training load, performance and administrative data, into an easy to use platform, AthleteMonitoring is the essential solution to develop talent and reduce the risk of injury in youth athletes.

Colleges & Universities

AthleteMonitoring is the most complete, versatile and cost-effective athlete health and performance management solution for colleges and universities.

Combining a vast array of tools to securely manage medical, training, performance and administrative data into an easy to use platform, AthleteMonitoring is the essential solution to optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury in student-athletes.

Pro/Elite Teams & Clubs

Professional teams and clubs worldwide trust AthleteMonitoring to monitor and optimize their players’ health and performance, and to improve communication between the performance and medical teams.

AthleteMonitoring streamlines the management of match/competition, medical, training, physiological, testing and administrative data for multiple teams. It simplifies the monitoring of match and training loads ( even for club players during their national team duties), the management of return to play programs and promotes excellence and accountability from the academy level to the top teams.

National Sports Organizations

AthleteMonitoring helps national federations and sport organizations centralize and manage all training, testing, medical and administrative data into a secure centralized location, and increase the chance of medals at international events.

It helps national organizations implement national talent identification programs, promote sport safety, education athletes, conduct injury surveillance research, and optimize the preparation and health of their junior, national and Olympic teams.

Performing Arts

Developed in collaboration with leading experts in Dance Medicine and Science, AthleteMonitoring is a turnkey solution to identify ‘at-risk’ artists, optimize workloads, manage medical records, streamline rehab protocols, and to implement effective injury prevention strategies with evidence-based methods and tools.

National, Olympic  Teams

National and Olympic teams worldwide are relying on AthleteMonitoring to optimize their top athletes’ health and performance, ensuring peak performance at international events.

AthleteMonitoring simplifies the management of medical, training, physiological, and performance & administrative data while maximizing communication, data privacy, and collaboration between athletes. AthleteMonitoring is a turnkey solution for performance and medical teams, from wherever they work, train or compete.

Research Institutes

Developed in collaboration with leading injury epidemiologists and IOC research centers, AthleteMonitoring helps injury researchers worldwide conduct injury and illness research, develop and evaluate preventive strategies with consensus-based methods and tools.

Entirely customizable, and available on 10 languages, AthleteMonitoring streamlines remote data collection, helps researchers to centralize, analyze and export research data, maximize data privacy and security, and facilitates the collaboration between international research teams.

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