Wellness Monitoring

Detect recovery issues, prevent excessive fatigue, and mitigate the impact of non-sport stressors on the athlete body and mind

Identify readiness to train, optimize recovery, adapt daily loads

A key injury prevention tool

Sports science has shown that injuries occur more often when athletes train too hard or compete in a state of fatigue and that self-reported wellness questionnaire can be a reliable and accurate method to identify athletes’ readiness to train, and to measure the impact of non-sport stressors on the recovery process.

As such, self-reported wellness feedback can be analyzed and interpreted into reliable predictors of risk, and poor wellness scores indicate potential psychological issues or physical under-recovery.

Maximize Readiness

Wellness monitoring helps coaches know how each athlete is responding to workload so they can easily:

  • Adjust daily loads proactively
  • Prevent injuries and overtraining
  • Streamline injury recovery
  • Detect and respond to issues quickly

Track what matters

AthleteMonitoring.com streamlines wellness monitoring and track all crucial factors.

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Mood
  • Soreness
  • Heart rate variability (needs extra app)
  • Neuromuscular recovery tests
  • And much more

Did you know?

Self-reported elevated fatigue and poor sleep quality are significant predictors of injury.

Laux et al. Journal of Sports Sciences, 2015

AthleteMonitoring.com in practice

Athletes complete a short customizable wellness questionnaire every morning on their smartphone
Automated alerts and dashboard highlights athletes that warrant immediate individual attention, offer quick access to data and proactive recommendations
Coach can easily interpret risk and readiness on team dashboard using preferred metrics and customizable graphs
Coach can immediately open and adjust the athletes’ daily program and make proactive workload adjustments to minimize risk, speed up recovery or optimize performance

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