We’re proud to partner with the Coaches Association of Canada to make world-class athlete monitoring and data management software more accessible to high performance coaches, teams and athletes.

AthleteMonitoring.com is an intelligent athlete management system that delivers evidence-based, sport-specific & cost-effective workload management, performance optimization and injury prevention to high school, college, elite and professional teams

It helps to optimize all aspect of your athletes’ preparation, and gets all data organized and centralized while keeping your athlete management program as simple and cost-effective as possible.

It is the perfect solution to make informed decisions, enhance collaboration, and promote excellence at all levels.

With AthleteMonitoring.com coaches can:

  • Create, plan, and share programs, sessions or workouts;
  • Monitor and optimize athlete wellness, training, and competition load, and readiness with evidence-based methods;
  • Mitigate risk, track injuries, and manage health records;
  • Centralize and interpret monitoring and sports science from multiple sources;
  • Manage testing data, monitor fitness, progress, and performance with their own tests, questionnaires, and standards;
  • Track injuries, illnesses and other health incidents
  • Prevent injuries and overtraining while optimizing communication and performance at all levels

ChPC accredited coaches are invited to request a price quote and secure their 20% discount on any AthleteMonitoring subscribtion by clicking here, and entering the ‘CAC2017’ promo code.