The AthleteMonitoring platform offers a simple and seamless solution to track workload with objective and subjective measures, and to optimally manage individual and team internal and external loads with evidence-based methods. Compatible with all leading GPS trackers (including Catapult and STATSports), AthleteMonitoring is the easiest solution for teams looking to comply with the new injury risk reduction measures proposed by World Rugby, and simplify the management of ‘Load Passports’. 

In addition, AthleteMonitoring provides a powerful ongoing health monitoring and sports medicine solution, with evidence-based injury surveillance module and built-in medical record system.

If your team is interested in implementing World Rugby’s plan for an evidence-based approach to injury-prevention, AthleteMonitoring is the perfect solution!

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About AthleteMonitoring is a one-stop athlete data management platform for amateur, professional and Olympic sport organizations.

It provides evidence-based and best practice tools to athletes, coaches, sport scientists, sports medicine professionals, strength and conditioning specialists and administrators, and brings them together to build excellence. is used by professional teams, universities, national and Olympic programs in more than 35 countries. For more information on please visit

About World Rugby Injury Prevention Plan

For more information about World Rugby’s 2019 plan to mitigate the risk of injury, visit