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Here are the latest enhancements we’ve made to AthleteMonitoring during the last few weeks: Secure Messaging, Push notifications, Danish and Arabic Languages, Medical Questionnaires, Flexible Injury Surveillance, Enhanced Wellness Dashboards, Notes Tracking for Athletes and much more.

Secure Messaging

You can now send and receive messages securely, view and print entire conversations directly within AthleteMonitoring. Read more…

Push notifications

Staff and athletes can now receive their reminders and alerts via push notifications instead of email or SMS. Read more…

Danish and Arabic Languages

AthleteMonitoring is now available in 11 languages. Including the newly added Danish and Arabic.

Medical Questionnaires

You can now tag questionnaire as ‘medical questionnaires’ and restrict their access to users with medical access. This is the perfect solution to manage baseline questionnaires, concussion tests and other medically sensitive surveys. Read more…

More Flexible Injury Surveillance

You can now show/hide custom sections of the weekly health survey, and add custom questions. To customize the weekly health survey, select Team settings, Injury Surveillance (OSTRC) and select the appropriate options. Read more…

Enhanced Wellness Dashboards

You can now display each wellness category (stress, fatigue, sleep quality, etc.) and their respective alerts directly on team and individual dashboards. To add wellness categories to the team dashboard, open Team settings-Readiness dashboard-Wellness

Flexible Injury Alerts

You can now determine the type of health problems that will trigger alerts: all health problems or only substantial ones (when athlete are unable to train or compete). Read more…

Notes Tracking for Athletes

Athletes can now track their own notes and access, save and export training, assessment and medical notes recorded by coaches and medical staff.

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