We’re delighted to announce that AthleteMonitoring now supports Push Notifications, and allow each athlete or staff user to select how notifications are being sent.

These long awaited features offers a fast and reliable way to send notifications, and more flexibility to athletes and staff users.

Here’s how to activate push notifications

  • Login to your AthleteMonitoring account using the web or mobile app
    Click anywhere on the main page. A popup asking you permission to receive push notifications will automatically be displayed
  • Press ‘Allow’
  • Open your AthleteMonitoring profile
  • Open the ‘Receive alerts & notifications’ section and select the ‘Push notifications’ option.
  • Click Save. You will now receive push notifications.

Select how you receive reminders and notifications

By default, AthleteMonitoring sends reminders and notifications via email, push notification and, if SMS sending is enabled on your account, text messages.

To change the way your receive reminders and notifications:

  • Open your user profile
  • Scroll down to the Receive alerts & notifications section
  • Select the option(s) of your choice
  • Click Save

Feel free to contact us anytime for any questions or assistance.