AthleteMonitoring has just released the ability for Garmin users to automatically sync their indoor and outdoor workouts so they appear in AthleteMonitoring immediately after the workout is saved on the device.

This autosync feature allows coaches to access the workout data and download related .FIT files as soon as the workout is saved, and to easily analyze athletes’ internal load (sRPE) along with external load measures collected with the device.

Initial setup Coach activates the Garmin integration from within AthleteMonitoring-Team Settings-General section, and select the ‘Automatically create sessions from synced data? ‘ option. Athlete links their Garmin Connect account to their AthleteMonitoring profile by selecting Settings- Link Garmin Data Usage When an athlete saves a new workout on his/her Garmin device, the data is automatically transferred to AthleteMonitoring, and a new session is created on athlete and staff calendars. Later on, when the athlete records his/her subjective information such as the session RPE, enjoyment, etc. it is aotumatically attached to the Garmin data and to the automatically created workout. Once Garmin data is transferred to AthleteMonitoring, it is instantly analyzed with evidence-based methods and can be visualized on individual and group dashboards, graphs and reports, along with internal load, subjective data, as well as health, performance and well-being measures.
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