AthleteMonitoring’s new menstrual cycle tracker brings women-specific health and performance management to a new level. It also makes of AthleteMonitoring the first athlete management system to include menstrual cycle tracking, wellness monitoring, workload management and health monitoring into a single, easy to use platform.

Created in collaboration with Dr Nicky Keay, one of the world’s leading expert on female athlete health, AthleteMonitoring Menstrual Cycle Tracker simplifies the monitoring of menstrual phases and symptoms, allow performance specialists to closely adapt workload and recovery to individual menstrual cycles, and helps sports medicine practitioners to detect underlying medical issues such as the RED-S or the female triad.

Why Monitoring the Menstrual Cycle?

Fluctuating hormones are driving the adaptions to training, and can have large impact on female athlete’s emotions and mood.

The athlete’s capacity to tolerate and adapt to training loads will change at different phase of her cycle.

By closely monitoring menstrual cycles, you’ll be able to better understand how each athlete adapts to workload during each of menstrual phases, and:

  • Target high intensity training in the early follicular phase
  • Focus on strength development during the late follicular and ovulation phases
  • Implement knee stability exercises to reduce the risk of ACL injuries during ovulation phase
  • Explain mood changes and disrupted wellness response during luteal phases
  • Plan recovery phases during the late luteal phase
  • Prevent relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S) by early detection of menstrual irregularity/change nature menstruation
  • Detect irregular, light or loss of menses, which requires medical referral to exclude medical conditionsand support diagnosis of relative energy deficiency in sport RED-S (part of female athlete triad)
  • Detect PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), a medical condition that may require medical attention

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