Import / Export of Assessment Standards

It is now possible to export existing standards, and import new or updated ones by using the Settings->Import/Export->Import Standards option. This is a huge time saver for anyone managing fitness, performance or physiological assessments and reports.

Better Data Visualization

Until now, the Individual Assessment Profile report without standards, used only a spider graph to illustrate progress. Data visualization is now much expanded with the ability to  change the graph type, and to add more graphs on the report, by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Easier Access to Allergy Information

While the ability to record allergy information on each athlete profile has been there for a long time (open the profile and open the alert tab), this information is now automatically displayed on the athlete list. This makes it easier to access this important information, and improve the safety of athletes with important allergies.

Enhanced Data Protection

Files such as pictures and pdf files attached to notes are now opened and viewed directly on the device’s browser. They are not automatically downloaded anymore, which enhances data protection when data is accessed on shared devices and computers.

Faster Health Reporting

Health practitioners can now prepare health reports for coaches and performance teams much faster with the ability to export the health dashboard to Excel or PDF.  Just select the athlete(s), dates, export the dashboard to Excel, apply custom formatting if desired, and print.  Cell colors represent the athlete participation status.