Here are the latest enhancements we’ve made to during the past few weeks. We hope you’ll find them useful. To learn more about these new features or schedule a free demo, contact us anytime!

Customizable Look and Feel for Athlete App

Athletes can now customize their app look and feel to make it more personalized. To edit the app’s look and feel, athletes must open their profile and select their custom profile picture, interface and background colour as well as heading photo.

Historical Dashboard

Instantly visualize team dashboard, metrics and alerts for previous days and specific times, or analyze compliance with data collection and record missed wellness questionnaires.

More Date Formats

You can now select your preferred date format directly from Team Settings-General section, and better adapt AthleteMonitoring to your local date format.

Automatic Logout of Inactive Athletes

Administrators can now set automatic logout for athlete apps. Once set, inactive athletes will be automatically logged off after a specific number of minutes, days or weeks.

Better Wellness Interpretation

You can now interpret wellness questionnaire measures based on Z-score change for each answer, in addition to our current percentage-based calculations. Both methods can be selected from the Team Settings-Readiness Dashboard-Wellness section, and used simultaneously.

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