Here are the latest enhancements we’ve made to during the past few weeks. We hope you’ll find them useful. To learn more about these new features or schedule a free demo, contact us anytime!

Custom Roles for Better Access Control

Account owners can now create a virtually unlimited number of custom roles and feature combinations. Custom roles can be assigned to any staff user to improve access control and maximize data protection. Read more…

New Strength and Conditioning Graphs

Track volume, intensity and load for specific exercise categories or individual exercises, for teams and individual athletes. Read more…

Calculated Wellness Metrics

You can now combine multiple wellness measures (collected from athlete input, wearable devices or calculation formulas) to create your own custom calculated metrics, using your own formulas. Read more…

Support for More Languages

AthleteMonitoring now fully supports Greek, Swedish and Japanese languages.

Support for More Sports

Activities, injury mechanisms and other sport-specific settings are now preloaded for table tennis, skateboard, modern pentathlon, biathlon, luge and ski jumping.

Faster Apps

Multiple code optimization and interface simplification allow staff and athletes to report, save and visualize wellness, training, injury and questionnaire data faster than before.

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