What’s New

  • Free text diagnoses: A freeform text box is now allowing practitioners to record custom diagnoses when reporting health problems.
  • Quick print of health history : A Print button has been added to the athlete health history page and allow practitioners to quickly print athlete’s health history. Read more…
  • Separated ‘Hip’ and ‘Groin’ body regions: Custom diagnoses can now be linked to separate Hip and Groin locations, instead of the combined ‘Hip/groin’ category. Read more…
  • More flexible note management : It is now possible to customize if and when clinical notes can be locked or not. Read more…
  • Time selector in wellness questionnaire : When a wellness custom field is set to use the 00:00 format, a time selector is automatically displayed on the athlete app.
  • Customization of the daily pain and stiffness tracker : It is now possible to customize the question asked to athletes when reporting daily pain and stiffness. Read more…
  • Quick athlete search : Quickly find athletes in a large number of teams by entering the athlete’s name in the search box located on the main page
  • Better workout management for athletes : Significant improvements have been made on athlete’s view of the workout builder. Workout parameters are now easier to access on small screens and new Preview buttons allow athletes to visualize workout templates prior to selecting them for use in the current session.
  • Restriction of workout templates to specific teams and athletes: It is now possible to restrict workouts to specific sports, staff and teams. Read more…

What’s Coming Up

  • Training periodization and period-specific reporting
  • Custom intensity zones (RPE, heart rate, Power)
  • New charts for better vizualization of training volume and intensity
  • Tracking of multiple activities per session
  • Yearly planning overview
  • API integrations : OnForm video mananagement, Apple Watch, VALD DynaMo and SmartSpeed

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