What’s New

Here are the latest enhancements we’ve made to AthleteMonitoring.com. To learn more about these new features, please read below and email us at info@athletemonitoring.com for any questions.

If you wish to schedule a complete walk-through of these new features, feel free to request a free demo anytime!

Periodized Schedules & Calendars

Create your custom sport, team or athlete-specific periods, automatically display periodized schedules, calendars and instantly export period-specific training data and load statistics. Read more…

Activity-Specific Group Charts

Select the Team charts menu and use the new Activity drop-downs to create activity-specific daily, weekly, monthly training, wellness and availability reports in seconds. Read more…

Color-Coded Note Ratings

Create your custom rating scale and use the rating slider to select color-coded ratings when recording athlete notes, and quickly identify individuals who truly need attention. Read more…

And more…

  • Timestamp and diagnosis codes on injury forms and reports
  • Medications can now be linked to non-registered providers
  • Ability to sort and hide custom questions in the OSTRC Questionnaire
  • Multiple fixes and enhancements

What’s Coming Up

  • Creation of custom RPE and Intensity Zones and ability to track time in zone
  • Ability to record multiple activities per session
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Support for mental health in the OSTRC Questionnaire
  • Automated import of Polar, Garming and Oura rest and sleep data

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