Screening for COVID-19 and Keeping Everyone Safe Has Never Been Easier

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COVID-19 Screening Made Easy

AthleteMonitoring is the most advanced COVID-19 screening tool for sports organizations.

Based on the latest research and a best practice approach, the COVID-19 screening app simplifies COVID-19 screening once or twice a day, and streamlines the early detection and monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors.

AthleteMonitoring is easy to use by everyone, affordable, HIPAA/GDPR-compliant. It includes automatic reminders to maximize compliance, customizable waiver forms, and screening questions,  secure messaging and more. It’s the ideal COVID-19 screening and health monitoring solution to minimize risk, implement individualized screening and help your club, league or organization return to play safely.

Detect Symptoms, Mitigate Risk

AthleteMonitoring COVID-19 screening tool can be used to screen athletes, coaches, parents and officials. When a possible infection is identified, or when risk increases, AthleteMonitoring automatically alerts health practitioners and provide individual alerts and recommendations. Coaches and administrators can use the Team dashboard to instantly identify ‘at-risk’ or sick athletes among large groups. Health practitioners can then use the messaging system to contact athletes, and use the built-in electronic medical record system to record diagnoses, record notes, treatments or attach files and documents to the athlete’s profile.

An Essential Tool for Every Sport Organization

AthleteMonitoring helps clubs, leagues and research organizations implement systematic COVID-19 screening, track symptoms, identify ‘at-risk’ athletes and deliver better care and illness prevention.

It includes organization-specific waiver forms and custom screening questions, a complete medical record system (EMR) and state-of-the-art communication tools and quick data import/export.


Detailed illness statistics and epidemiological reports can be produced in seconds and used to implement data-driven illness management and prevention strategies based on the most accurate data available.

“We used AthleteMonitoring to screen all participants for COVID-19 during our Hawaii Tiki Bowl event. Everything ran smoothly. Coaches, athletes and parents used the system it with no problem. Thank you for all of your help!”

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Protecting Athletes' Health has Never Been Easier